how cali are you?

This Quiz is to see how well do you know the little things about cali and for all the northren cali people a know you are left out so go ahead and make your own quiz!

Do you think you know cali. Have you watched all the cali movie and you think you know what we do! Know we have a way to see how cali are you! Take the Quiz and prove you know cali!

Created by: chrisy

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  1. is there a difference between northren cali and southren cali?
  2. where do you go to get the best clothes?
  3. which is the best theme park?
  4. how many seasons do we have?
  5. whats the capital of cali?
  6. Is Dr. Dre from
  7. is long beach ghetto?
  8. what is the largest minority group in LA?
  9. what can you buy on any street corner in LA?
  10. who sales all the clothes in the swap meets
  11. where in cali do the girls look the best?
  12. have you ever been in the Santa Monica Peer!
  13. what are your favorite shoes all year round?
  14. how many times a year does it rain?

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Quiz topic: How cali am I?