How blonde are you? (As a joke, no offence meant!)

There are many Blonde people. Being Blonde is not your hair color it is low inteligence. I hope you like it and please, don't kill me. I am constantly

hunted down by internet dorks with anger manegement problems. Luckily I'm not Blonde, but are you? Please rate, don't copy, and Bon apateet. Also remember this is just a quiz!

Created by: RULER OF THE WORLD!!!

  1. What is your average score in school?
  2. How many mirrors do you own?
  3. What is this formation? . . .
  4. What is red and blue mixed together?
  5. What alive pet would you want to have?
  6. Do you use hair dye?
  7. Which one of these is contageous?
  8. We have three more painful questions. Do you like this quiz, so far?
  9. I said "me fry booger", where do I work?
  10. Our last extremely painful question, what is this letter? 6

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Quiz topic: How blonde am I? (As a joke, no offence meant!)