How Big of a Slob Are You?

People have many ways to handle cleaning up after themselves. Some do it compulsively, consistently, and completely. Others ... well they're slobs, no doubt about it.

Are you a Total Slob? See how much you identify with the following ten questions and maybe learn about your Inner Slob! Being a Total Slob doesn't necessarily make you a pariah, but it might explain why people seem to have trouble breathing around you!

Created by: Steve Erbach
  1. Do you lose things?
  2. Do other people complain about your sloppiness?
  3. Do you identify with Oscar Madison, the character in 'The Odd Couple' who stuffed his brown tie into one of his brown shoes in order to keep track of it?
  4. Does it bother you when you're asked to pick up after yourself?
  5. Do you agree that 'A neat desk is a sign of a sick mind?'
  6. Does it seem like too much effort to put things back after you use them?
  7. Do you avoid cleaning?
  8. Do you have trouble understanding why other people are bothered by a mess?
  9. Do you look at a room and not see the clutter?
  10. Do you feel as though you have more important and creative things to do with your life than keeping things organized?

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Quiz topic: How Big of a Slob am I?