How Big Of A Krew-Fam Are You?

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This is a quiz to show just how big of a Krew-Fam you are. Are you an OG or a newbie? Take this quiz to get the answer once and for all (BTW this quiz should not make you feel bad about yourself if you don't get a perfect score!)

BTW I am a BIG ItsFunneh fan, so if there are any mistakes ( Which I don't think there are but......... me dum. ;p ) If you have any poblems or just want to share your results, comment!! Thanks!! <3

Created by: Star Adeana5057
  1. First question: What is ItsFunnehs REAL name?
  2. Who is the oldest in the Krew?
  3. Who is the yougest in the Krew?
  4. Who is the sassy one?
  5. Who are the Krew to each other?
  6. How many subscribers does the Krew have?
  7. Where does the Krew live?
  8. What game does the Krew play a lot?
  9. Do they do Vlogs IRL?
  10. Last question: How long have the Krew been doing videos?

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Quiz topic: How Big Of A Krew-Fam am I?