How Beautiful Are You? (Brutally Honest)

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How beautiful are you? Find out with this brutally honest quiz. This quiz judges based on physical appearance, intelligence, kindness, and likability!

Try to be as honest as possible while taking this quiz. Don't embellish or downplay based on what you THINK or HOPE the answer will be. If want to know how beautiful you REALLY are, BE HONEST, PLEASE!

Created by: YouHateMe
  1. How are your eyes
  2. How is your nose
  3. How are your lips?
  4. How is your hair?
  5. How is your weight?
  6. How are your arms?
  7. How are your breasts?
  8. How is your tummy?
  9. How are your legs?
  10. Do you get good grades?
  11. Do you do your homework?
  12. Do the teachers like you?
  13. Are you good at math?
  14. Are you good at reading?
  15. Do you think you are smart?
  16. Do you like animals?
  17. Do you donate?
  18. You see a 5 year old girl on the sidewalk crying. What do you do?
  19. You find a stray dog with no family. What would you do?
  20. Do you kill bugs?
  21. Are you kind?
  22. Are you ready to find out if you are beautiful? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: How Beautiful am I? (Brutally Honest)

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