How beautiful are you?

G’day everyone! So did you ever wonder if you are actruely beautiful? Take this quiz. You don’t have to but it’s a privilege for ya all. This is not too hard to take but if you are not comfotable with some questions then just skip them.

There is 16 questions. They are all mostly easy. Don’t answer the ones you are uncomfortable with. I won’t force you. Why not give it a go? Good luck mates!

Created by: Teressa Liz

  1. How old are you?
  2. What’s your gender?
  3. What is your hair like?
  4. What about your skin?
  5. Your teeth?
  6. Weight?
  7. How happy are you?
  8. How confident are you?
  9. Where are you from?
  10. Favorite food?
  11. Animal?
  12. How often do you shower?
  13. (This won’t count for points) but do you love your mum?
  14. How beautiful do you think you are?
  15. How lazy are ya?
  16. Last question. How kind are you?

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Quiz topic: How beautiful am I?