take the test to find out how attractive you are. do you think you make people stare where ever you are? or do they turn the other direction. are you a undescovered model or are you a plane jane/ or james. take this test to find out how hot you are.

do you make people want to follow you around or throw you out. can you make a married man/ or woman look twice can you shut the club down when you walk through? is this the test to let you know where you stand are you a 2 or 200. you be the judge

Created by: tiffany
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what head shape do you have?
  2. what size are your lips
  3. what shape are your eyes
  4. what color are you eyes
  5. what color is your hair
  6. how tall are you
  7. how long is your hair
  8. what is your body type
  9. your skin color is
  10. how many people try to hit on you a day

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Quiz topic: HOW ATTRACTIVE am I?