How are u like in School?

Play my Quiz! is about ur behavior in school ... Fun .... Enjoy and play behaviour like angel or devil???? lets test it! be truthful dont worry nobody knows ur results

play and have fun for primary and secondary students .. Made In Singapore = Grade 1 -10 students play all u want. just test it out and have fun! Thanks

Created by: CelesteHD

  1. How many enemies u have?
  2. How many friends do u have ? (average)
  3. What u usually do in school?
  4. What do u do during reccess
  5. How do u find ur teacher like?
  6. How do u find ur school environment?
  7. What kind of friends do u have
  8. How much is ur score Upon 100 💯 Average
  9. How many hours do u use ur phone a day
  10. Did u enjoy the quiz?

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