how alike are we?alike

so,some people are similar,some not,do you ever wonder if you share a personality with someone?maybe its me,maybe were like chalk and cheese,not so similar...

are you like me?could we be good friends or more like arch enemies,dislike the oposit things and have gone through completely different things find out weather we are salt and pepper or chalk and cheese!

Created by: abbielovesyou

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  1. do you keep with fashion?
  2. do you wear makeup...quite slot
  3. are you a teen?
  4. are you an energetic,crazy person
  5. are you smart
  6. are you a good artist?
  7. are you popular?
  8. do you have blonde hair?
  9. do you have any pets?
  10. are your parents together?
  11. have you had alot of boyfriends/girlfriends
  12. are you a directioner
  13. are you conciderd funny
  14. do you like mushrooms
  15. comedy or horror
  16. are you lucky
  17. do you have a crush on someone
  18. do you like hanging out with friends
  19. are you addicted to facebook
  20. test your luck...pick a letter
  21. do you watch family guy?
  22. i bet you cant say 'P' without opening your mouth
  23. did you just try?bet you did
  24. are you smiling like an idiot now?
  25. how do you greet someone new

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