Homeostatsis Quiz

Take this test your quiz yourself and teach yourself about homeostasis and all that occurs with it. This will test your understanding and knowledge...

Study up before that big test! It'll be worth it after taking this "Homeostatis" quiz once or multiple times! Refer it to your friends to that they become homeostasis smart too!

Created by: Ashley

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  1. What do the kidneys clean?
  2. What is urea?
  3. Which organ controls water levels?
  4. What can you NOT do if you have diabetes?
  5. What does dark yellow urine mean?
  6. What is homeostasis?
  7. The bigger the surface area, the faster an animal will lose what?
  8. What is one way animals conserve heat in the winter together?
  9. Capillaries are under your skin which can be filled with blood if they get too hot. _______ brings the blood to the surface.
  10. What is the warming mechanism that takes place when "goose bumps" appear on your skin and the hair stands up.

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