Hogwarts Sorting Quiz

This is a Hogwarts Sorting quiz. By answering these questions, you with be Sorted into either: Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Slytherin Houses.

This is NOT one of those Sorting quizzes with the typical "what is your favorite color" and "what is your favorite animal" questions. Good luck to you, and I hope you are satisfied with your results!

Created by: hufflepuffguy
  1. If you have been Sorted before, which House were you Sorted into?
  2. Which element do you connect most with?
  3. Which of these is most irritating?
  4. If you were to build your dream home, what would you make sure it had?
  5. What type of weather do you prefer?
  6. In Muggle school, (regular, not-magic school) which of these matters most?
  7. Which of these nightmares would scare you the most?
  8. While walking in the woods, you come across a very gnarled and old looking tree with branches and limbs bent at odd angles. Curious, you approach the tree. You can see, nestled between its roots, an unassuming and plain chest. You cautiously drag the chest onto your path and pry it open. Inside there are only four things, and a note that says "You can only take one". Which of these do you take?
  9. Which of these situations sounds the most relaxing?
  10. You are walking along a path up the hill. As you come over the hill, you see that the path branches off into four different directions. Which path would you choose?

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