Heartland Quiz. How much do you know about Heartland?

If you like Heartland you should take this quiz. I know you will love it if you love Heartland! Take the quiz and you will be inspired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you know your stuff about Heartland you need to take this quiz!!! Heartland is a series about horses! If you know a lot about this show take the quiz!

Created by: diesel_baby09 of Heartland
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  1. What does one of the main characters Amy Fleming do?
  2. Who plays Ty Borden?
  3. Who plays Amy Fleming?
  4. What is the Heartland theme song?
  5. What do Amy and Ty name their baby?
  6. Who plays Ashley Stanton?
  7. Who plays Lisa Stillman?
  8. What happens to Amy and Ty in season 13?
  9. What happened to LoBo?
  10. Where does Heartland take place?

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Quiz topic: Heartland Quiz. How much do I know about Heartland?