He loves me he loves me not

There are many boys in this world and when the time comes ull find the right one dont get upset just make sure you r ready b4 any serious action start

This isnt the end of the world maybe hes not ready or maybe hes nervous just no that whatever happens this quiz will interepret if he likes you or not

Created by: Alexis of Crushes for girls
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  1. Does he evr look at you and when u look over at him he looks away???
  2. Does he ever talk about you when he thinks ur not looking?
  3. Does he ever touch u in a wat like holding hands or a hug?
  4. Does he ever kiss u
  5. Does he stare at you
  6. do u think he likes u
  7. does he try to get u in trouble
  8. does he cuss at u
  9. does he brag toward u
  10. does anyone tell u he likes u

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