Have you experienced Freedom of Expression?

Freedom of expression is a powerful part of our lives. We have this right thanks to our first amendment. In high school our right gets taken from us. You do not realize that. Hopefully this quiz will allow you to understand what you should know about this your freedom of expression in high school.

Are you an activist of freedom of expression. Have you truely experienced it and understand the right you have? This quiz provides you with the answer to these questions. Its up to you to take advantage of this information. Take this information and use it my learning from this myspace page after the quiz.

Created by: Jeff

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  1. Have you ever had freedom of expression issues?
  2. Do you know someone that has had freedom of expression issues?
  3. Have you ever been told to change what your waring to high school?
  4. Do you know the current dress code at your school?
  5. Do you know how to access the dress code at your high school?
  6. Do you know your first amendment right of freedom of speech and expression?
  7. Have you ever thought about taking an issue to court over your first amendment right in high school?
  8. After taking this quiz, will you take more pride and take a closer look at your freedom of expression rights?
  9. Do you currently express yourself freely in high school?
  10. Is this page benificial for you?

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