Harry Potter quiz (very easy)

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Thank you so super much for clicking on this quiz/test! I love Harry Potter a lot and am plaining on making a ton more Harry Potter quizzes!! So be on the look out!

My sister also has an account and it called EMILYTHEELEPHANT! So go check her out! She makes tons of quizzes! Thank you! Like it/love it/eat it! CHLOETHECAT

Created by: ChloeTheCat

  1. What's Harry's full name?
  2. Does Harry have a brother or sister?
  3. Who tells Harry that he is a wizard?
  4. What of the following is not a magical creature in Harry Potter.
  5. Who dose Harry Marry?
  6. How do you spell Harry's owls name?
  7. In what book dose Harry kill a snake in the end?
  8. Dose Harry sing in Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets? (book)
  9. Who are Harry's Best friends?
  10. Who is Harry's first kiss?

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