Harry Potter Quiz

There are many types of experts. Like computer experts and many other types.It's very difficult to be an expert because it take years, but not in my quiz.You can be a Harry Potter expert in a few minitues!

So are you an EXPERT?Find out to my Harry Potter quiz and see what do you know about Harry Potter.Have fun solving my questions and become a Harry Potter expert!

Created by: Eric
  1. In which house is Harry Potter related to?
  2. Who is responsible for Harry Potter's house?
  3. Which subject does Harry hate?
  4. Who is Harry's Godfather?
  5. In which movie Harry discovers his Godfather?
  6. In which movie Vincent Crabbe dies?
  7. Who hates most of all Harry?
  8. In which animal can turn into Harry's Godfather?
  9. Who was Harry's father's best friend?
  10. Who saved Harry from the death at the 1st movie?

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