Harry Potter girl quiz

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Take this to find your inner character. Are you a girl Potterhead wanting to know who you are most like in the Harry Potter universe. Well then take this quiz to find out.

There are only 10 questions. This is my first quiz so sorry if it is bad. Once you have taken the quiz,please comment your result. Feedback would be appreciated.

Created by: MollyGrace

  1. What house are you in (If ur first house isn't here do ur second.)
  2. Who is your favourite boy character?
  3. What's your favourite magical object?
  4. What's your hair colour?
  5. Who are your friends?
  6. Who is your enemie?
  7. What is your boggart?
  8. Who is your favourite professor?
  9. Did u like this quiz??
  10. Get a way to say bye.

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