Harry Potter best friend

Have you ever wondered who your Hogwarts best friend is. Who, if you went to Hogwarts' would be your friend?Who, is your Harry Potter soul mate? Do this quiz to find out.

This quiz is for anyone who wants to find out who their Harry Potter best friend is. I hope you like this quiz, and I hope you are happy with your result.

Created by: Hp

  1. Your Quidditch position is:
  2. Your best friend cheated in a test. You:
  3. What house are you in:
  4. What’s your favourite subject:
  5. Your patronous is:
  6. You are:
  7. Your favourite thing to do on the weekend is:
  8. Your favourite color is:
  9. Which is your favourite Harry Potter book:
  10. You are expecting to get:

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