Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets quiz.

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Hello! This quiz will test your knowledge on Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, but there are quizzes on the other books too. I’m going to make quizzes for the other books too.

Good luck! I’ve got absolutely nothing else to say. Just answer the questions well, and you’ll definitely get full marks! Thanks for taking my quiz, and GOOD LUCK.

  1. What colour was Mr. Weasley’s car?
  2. What was the name of Hagrid’s old spider?
  3. Why did a teenage Voldemort come back from the dead?
  4. Okay, so I need at least ten questions, got it… who got Petrified the first?
  5. What was the creature in the Chamber of Secrets?
  6. Out of these four, who never opened the chamber of secrets?
  7. Where did Harry get lost in the beginning of the story?
  8. Who are Dobby’s masters?
  9. Who is the Slytherin Seeker?
  10. And finally, who was possessed by Lord Voldemort?

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