guess the song

This test is Disney and nick and artist songs so be prepared know before you take the test it is a bit difficult though RANDOM TIME!!! Pancakes.oh yes,I am having a contest I'm making a story quiz and the first 5 people will get to be in it just put your description in the comments box thank you ALPHA AND OMEGA little sisters were watchin it its over now. WOW tmi.little sisters watching MY MOVIE.uggg stupid sassafrasin sorry for the bad language. its adoggy dog world life is RUFF

Listening to song on puss in boots 'Ohhh ohhh, do you know what I'm talking about ' I am puss in boots, start end again 'ohhhh ohhh,.byee stupid thing gibberish I say RUBBISH BRATZ FAIRY TALES HOW DARE THEY WATCH THAT WITHOUT ME AHHHH there going Down byeee where's the fairy tales?!?!?!

Created by: Natajha Castle
  1. Like the raging storm inside
  2. Lying on the cold hard ground
  3. I scream your name you're name but it always stays the same
  4. Celebrating Cruz you're my zing
  5. I do I like diamonds in the sky
  6. There be music and laughing and fun
  7. I'll have you crawl in like a centipide
  8. I was in the dark I was fallin hard with in open heart
  9. Tell the guards to open the gates
  10. I knew I was wrong

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