Guess The Love Nikki Suit!

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This is about Love Nikki. It is very fun. I am less scared to make because I made it 4 times already. Have fun, player. I hope you like Love Nikki after you played it!

Credits: Pictures: Love Nikki WikiQuestions: Jellyfish JewelOptions: Jellyfish Jewel and NariaNavy( my sister)Results: Jellyfish JewelHope you like it.

Created by: JellyfishJewel

  1. What is this suit’s name?
  2. What is this suit?
  3. And this one?
  4. This is probably the cute one
  5. And this lovely suit with Chinese style?
  6. And this beautiful wedding gown?
  7. What about this beautiful ballet skirt?
  8. And this?
  9. What about this lovely one?
  10. And what about this beauteous princess?
  11. I longed for this one...
  12. My little sister loved this one..
  13. This is so nice!
  14. Oh, and what is this one?
  15. I like this Angel suit so much!
  16. This is so beautiful!
  17. This is very easy.
  18. And this is my favourite dress.
  19. And this is a Wasteland suit.
  20. This will be nice in winter.

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