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Hi! I decided to test this "roleplay" thing out. At first, I was going to go with Viommers, but since they're already together, I decided to make this about Emo and Carlos (I call it Carmo).

You will be Emo and making choices for her. Depending on the choices you make, you will either live Happily Ever After, or become Rivals For Life. I hope you enjoy this!

Created by: Unknown User

  1. "C'mon, you've got to tell him someday!" June told you as you were walking toward the bedroom where you and June slept. "I know, I know," you said. "But I'm waiting for the right moment." June rolled her eyes. "That's what you told me last time!" And you weren't lying. Last time you tried to confess your love to Carlos, he had thought it was all a joke. "Well, you could tell him tonight," June suggested. "He's sleeping in the Lounge, as usual. You could sleep in there with him tonight if you'd like."
  2. (Go to question 5 if you chose to sleep with June) You run into the Lounge, where you find Carlos sitting on the couch, reading a book. He hasn't noticed that you ran in yet.
  3. Carlos looked at you, a little surprised. "Hey, Emo," he said. "Just a book on Warrior Cats." You're about to tell him that you love Warrior Cats, but change your mind. "Aren't you sleeping with June?" he asked. Your cheeks turn red.
  4. "You can sleep here, if you want. There's no need in asking me. It's not like I own the place," he tells you. You nod and look around. You can sleep on the couch where Carlos is sitting, or you can sleep on one of the empty couches.
  5. You enter the bedroom and lay down on a bed. June lays down on the other. "Well I really wasn't expecting that," she said. "Expecting what?" you ask. "Never mind," she says.
  6. The sun shone down on your face. You sat up and stretched. The scent of pancakes filled the air. You smiled. "How'd you sleep?" You looked and saw...
  7. "Good!" you say, hoping out of bed. June smiled. "Good to hear! We have pancakes!" "How?" you ask. "The same way we got the pizza. We just... found them," June said with a shrug. "Do you want some?"
  8. You blushed. "Um, bad. I mean good. I mean... alright," you tell him. Carlos looked at you for a while then laughed. "You're funny," he said. "Anyway, want to go down to the Kitchen with me? They've got pancakes!" he said ina sing-song voice. You giggled. Sometimes you couldn't choose when Carlos was being more cute, or being more funny. "So?" he asks.
  9. You entered the Kitchen and saw Vio and Gacha talking. You smiled. They were so cute together. "Hey, Viommers! What's up?" June asked them. Gacha blushed and replied, "Nothing much." You saw Carlos sit down at a table with Spice and pharaoh. You decide to sit with...
  10. You sat down with June, Gacha, and Vio, who you normally sit with. "I hope you don't mind, Emo. But I might've asked Gacha and Vio to help us get you with Carlos," June said, a little embarrassed. You sigh but let it go. "Of course they can help!" you say. "That's good," June said. "We're going to need all the help we can get." "Well, why don't you go sit with him, to start," Vio suggested, nodding toward the table Carlos was sitting at.
  11. "Oh, hi Emo," Spice said as you sat down. You nod hi. Pharaoh looked at you suspiciously. "You aren't going to sit with June?" You gulp. "Um, no," you say in almost a whisper. You look at Carlos, who smiled. You smile back before looking away shyly. You look over at June, who gave you a thumbs-up.
  12. Suddenly, the ground started to shake. "Whoa!" Spice said as she fell out of her seat. You clung to the table. "What's going on?" June asked, ducking under the table. You see Vio and Gacha hugging tightly to each other. You wonder if you and Carlos will be like that someday. "I'll go look around to see if there's something out there," Carlos said. He looked at you. "Would you um, want to come with me?" You blush.
  13. (If you followed Carlos, go to question 14) It wasn't long before you heard a scream. Carlos ran into the room, clutching in chest. Blood stained his clothes. You run over to him. "I can't do this alone," he said weakly. You sigh. No way are you going to miss out on this. You have to make sure Carlos doesn't get seriously injured... or die! "I'll come with you," you say. And with that, you and Carlos leave the Kitchen.
  14. There was nothing in the hall. "Where is it?" you ask. Carlos looked around. Soon, there was this huge thump that sent you and Carlos flying in the air. You land on the ground headfirst. "Ouch," you say, rubbing your head. Carlos clutched his chest.
  15. There was nothing behind you. But you had a feeling that the cause of that thump was behind you. Otherwise, you would've seen it coming. "Show yourself!" you yell. A huge wind started blowing you, sweeping you off your feet. The wind was blowing the opposite way for Carlos, causing him to be blown away in the other direction. You tried to follow him, but the wind made it so you couldn't.
  16. The wind finally stopped, and you landed on your butt. You stood up and looked around. You haven't been in this area of GTQ before. It had two pathways. You were curious, as usual. But should you go back to see if Carlos was okay? Or maybe you'd bump into him if you took one of the pathways.
  17. You turned around. Wait. It was a dead end! You were sure you had been blown through that way. You scratched your scalp then shrugged. GTQ must be messing with you. You have no other choice but to choose one of the 2 pathways.
  18. You looked at the pathways. You couldn't hear anything coming from either of them. You couldn't see where they lead. None of them looked more dangerous or safe than the other. They looked similar. Which one do you choose? Left or right?
  19. You walked through the dark hallway. You kept your arms out in front of you in case you bumped into something. You soon entered a room filled with light. You shielded your eyes. There was a door up ahead. You opened the door and saw Carlos sitting in a chair. That was odd. He wasn't tied up or anything. When he saw you, he stood up and then tripped. He reached his arm out toward you, showing you that he wanted you to help him up.
  20. You smiled. There was no way you'd fall for this. "You're not Carlos, so I'm not helping you," you said calmly. "Carlos" grinned. "You're smarter than you look," he said in a deep voice. Not Carlos's voice at all. He stood up and his Carlos disguise started to peel away.
  21. You helped him up. He grabbed your wrist tightly. You gasp. Carlos's grip was gentle. This wasn't Carlos. This was someone pulling you into a trap! You screamed. He just smirked and his skin peeled.
  22. He was wearing a blue, tattered robe. His hair was dark blue with a white streak. He was kinda cute. He wasn't an adult, either. "Who are you?" you asked nervously. "I'm Jaq, evil spirit of GTQ." You laughed. "Jaq? Like in Cinderella?" He shot you a look and you stopped laughing. He pointed a staff shaped like a question mark at you. Soon, there was nothing but darkness...
  23. You opened your eyes and saw yourself tied to a chair. "Emo! You're alive!" you turned and saw Carlos, also tied to a chair. "Carlos! So you aren't really the evil spirit of GTQ?" you ask. He looked at you in the eyes while saying, "He used the disguise on you, too?" You nod. "He tricked me by disguising himself as you. But I knew it wasn't you." You looked at him, your whole face red. He actually knew?
  24. "Aw, look at you two lovebirds!" Jaq said, entering the room. "We're NOT lovebirds!" Carlos exclaimed. Jaq smirked. "Now, what am I going to do with you?" "Why are you here?" you ask. "To take over GTQ, duh. It was simple, at first. I kill the good spirit, Quency, then chase all the heroes out." You thought for a moment. "By heroes, you mean us and our friends?" you ask. "Yes, so I decided to give you all a little scare. But you two were harder than your scaredy-cat friends." "They're not scaredy-cats!" you and Carlos yell in unison. Jaq just smirked. "Well, that a little bit true. Not one of them has ran out of the site... yet."
  25. "But now, what to do with you," he said. "What about... nothing," Carlos said from behind your chair. You gasped. How did Carlos get out? He untied you and you jumped out of your chair. Jaq frowned. He pointed his staff at Carlos. The beam was about to hit Carlos.
  26. (If you let it hit Carlos, go to question __) You open your eyes and see Carlos looking down at you, worried. "Carlos?" you say. He smiled and hugged you. You were surprised. This was the first time that he had been the one to hug you. "Emo, I was so worried!" he said, not letting go. You playfully push him off you. "Where'd Jaq go?" you ask. "I... don't know," Carlos said. "Once you sacrificed yourself for me, I picked you up and dashed out. I heard him call out to me that he'd be back..." You look at Carlos. You were glad he was okay and surprised that you were alive.
  27. "Wait, how'd you get out of the chair?" you ask. "I know how to untie knots," he replied. You looked and saw that you were laying on the couch in the Lounge. All the others were there. "Carlos told us about everything," June said. Draco and pharaoh came back. Draco was holding a pillow and pharaoh had an ice pack. Pharaoh put the ice pack on your head and Draco gave you the pillow. You squeezed the pillow. Carlos smiled at you. You smiled back. (Go to question 29)
  28. You watched as the beam hit Carlos. Jaq laughed and pointed his staff at you. You run out. "Oh, don't worry, I'll be back," you hear Jaq sneer. You run back into the room, to find Jaq gone. Carlos is on the floor, his eyes closed. (Hit submit after choosing your answer)
  29. June nudged you. It was time. "Carlos?" you say. "Hm?" he said. "I... I... I love you, Carlos!" He just stared at you for a while. (Hit submit)

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