Girly Girl or Cheeky Tomboy!? Very Accurate!

There are many Tomboys about and many of them are smart and crazy and a little on the off side but don't take this in offense because its the truth. Its okay to be who you are and Tomboys are always an option. Also there are many girly girls who love makeup and dresses and dressing up which is totally fine its great to be you so keep being you Cool? Cool!

Are YOU a Tomboy and love playing Baseball in the most coldest or hottest weather? Or are you a girly girl and love pink always doing her makeup and gossiping all the time Are you? Take this test to find out!

Created by: Lulu
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. First of all, how much do you read books?
  2. Do you wear Glasses?
  3. Do you wear makeup or is it a natural look for you?
  4. Do you like reptiles or cute fluffy kittens?
  5. Skirts or Jeans?
  6. Long or Short hair?
  7. Do grades matter to you?
  8. Would you ever want a tattoo?
  9. Do you like Neon colours or Dark and Fierce colours?
  10. Do you like Boys?
  11. Do you like Jewellery?
  12. What if your BFF wanted to change to being a Tomboy or Girly girl what would you think?
  13. Okay, last question do you think you will be pleased with the answer?

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