Girl quiz (ultimate boy quiz for girls)

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There are many guys in the world you and you have the right to know so take the quiz of you want to know what your guy would be like love it and take it

What your type of guy for girl don't you wanna know so you take this quiz if you want to know what type of guy that you will be receiving take the quiz

Created by: Terra
  1. What is your favorite hair color for a boy
  2. Favorite eye color
  3. Your type in a guy
  4. What race to you prefer
  5. What type of girl are you
  6. Emo what is your thoughts about them
  7. Long hair short hair or that boy haircut usually black boys get
  8. His looks would you he have to some sorta of look
  9. Boy type for you
  10. Are you in age group are you in
  11. Was it good

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