Fuhrerreich, your ideology.

This test will show your ideology point of view in the world of Fuhrer In the game Hearts of Iron 4. The test is not difficult. Enjoy the ride........

You will be asked not difficult fourteen questions. If something is not clear climb into Wikipedia. Not knowing something by you doesn't make the author bad.

Created by: Nickxxxvan
  1. Who should govern the state (part 1)?
  2. Who should govern the state (part 2)?
  3. Who should govern the state (part 3)?
  4. What should be the economy?
  5. Should there be gender equality?
  6. Should there be equality of races and Nations?
  7. Should there be equality of sexual orientations?
  8. Attitude to Church and religion?
  9. Attitude to traditions?
  10. Attitude to change?
  11. On what basis should laws be built?
  12. What form of government is preferable?
  13. Attitude to freedom of speech?
  14. Attitude towards the death penalty?

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Quiz topic: Fuhrerreich, my ideology.