The last two games you've played are now merged together.

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Thread Topic: The last two games you've played are now merged together.

  • bananabread Novice
    Halo 4 and Fusion Frezy

    Competitors kill a bunch of aleins and whsever left wins
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    Emma LAWL Junior
    Minecraft and TheSims3...
    I'm not sure how that would turn out...
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    slender and the dark decent....

    you are walking through a forest with slender and find a castle, has the teleporting naked guys and the bros, but also slender......

    Xd im screwed!
  • Lily Windwave Newbie
    Skylanders Giants and Wii Sports Resort
    I can see it right now... Trigger happy and Flameslinger in a dogfight!
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    natebuscus Novice
    New super mario brothers wii

    turtle guts and severed goombas everywhere.
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    wolf_heart Novice
    black ops (zombie version) and peggle

    Hmm pinball with zombies you fight the zombies by bouncing balls off them and you are a unicorn
  • slender and just dance 4.ok......
  • Lily Windwave Novice
    now it's Skylanders: Giants and Animal Crossing: City Folk
    tehe... this will be funneh
  • Black ops 2 and black ops 1. No difference....
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    Mia is LOUD Junior
    The Last of Us and HetaOni...
    Could it get any more depressing? Maybe HetaOni with zombie Steve's and the battle graphics are better xD
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    timothy4444 Advanced
    SongPop and Tetris...
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    Lily Windwave Novice
    add on to my last post on this thread: Stealth Elf booby-traps Hex's house with pitfall seeds and overloads her mailbox with election posters (I've done this to my brother once, he got soooo mad!)
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    kwright Senior
    Black Ops 2 and Mortal Kombat. I'd say that's pretty epic.
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    natebuscus Novice
    Skyrim and MK9

    that would be a very good fighting game. and an open world mortal kombat would be epic. and the fatalities... :D
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    Dark22978 Senior
    Just Dance 4 and Pokemon Rumble.

    I'm assuming the pokemon have to do dance battles to win. Epic.

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