I just beat Fable II

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Thread Topic: I just beat Fable II

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    I'm a bit disappointed? I was really hoping the main storyline would have been more epic and more difficult. I was hoping that the last fight would have been more...eventful. Then again, I should have expected it since open world RPGs usually have simple main quests (see: Elder Scrolls, GTA) and then allow you to roam around and do sidequests. I usually don't finish main storylines in games like that though, this is the first time I've completed the main story in an open world game on my main save file and I really wish it would have gone on longer. The master weapons were wayyy too easy to obtain. I feel less compelled to play now. I feel that if they had made the main quest more drawn out and more challenging to where you would have had to grind to progress instead of just being able to blow through the whole thing that it would have been a lot more fun. Also, I don't think there's an option to change the difficulty? I think that was a huge mistake. I did like that my character looked like the woke meme after that quest for Reaver though

    tl;dr the game is too easy and either a longer main quest or the ability to change the difficulty could have improved the game tenfold
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    Kelly Neko Novice
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    beat Fable III as well
    big disappoint
    the game is also way more boring after the main quest than II was
    though tbh the dead bodies littering the streets lower morale and that's my own fault

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