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    TayuyaTerra Experienced
    So we all know the android game 'My talking Angela' or 'My talking Tom right' I'm not even sure how many 'My talking ...' Games are out there but anyways.

    I had the 'My talking Angela' on my phone but uninstalled it after my boyfriend said I shouldn't be playing that because in the eyes of these 'talking animal' there's a pedeophile watching me . So of course at first I didn't believe him because I know he loves joking around. So I overlooked this "fact" of his and continued playing the game.

    The next day he told me the same thing and I started freaking out cos let's face it 'Anyone would get creeped out knowing some old sick man was taking pictures of your face and you didn't even know'

    Anyways; I decided to do some research about this and found out that people are actually saying its true!!! That if you look into the eyes of these animals you can see a man sitting there. So I checked and couldn't really see anything.

    When I continued on my research I found out that parents were concerned about having their kids play this game because of this 'pedeophile'

    So here's the question; Is this really true? Or is it just a hoax?
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    Charlie Philips Experienced
    I don't know. This is the second time I'm hearing about this.
    It's been shrugged off as a hoax by numerous sources and people.
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    Charlie Philips Experienced
    Oh good.

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