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    If you're considering playing this MOBA, I strongly recommend you try it out. Even if you have to play it with the lowest graphics settings known to mankind, just play it. It's worth your time, at least for a while. Some of the community is toxic, some of it isn't- I play for the game more than the community. It's free to play unless you decide to buy "skins" for your champions, which isn't required to play the game.

    Here's a YouTube video from the game makers themselves, explaining the game better than I personally can:

    Here's the official website to sign up and download for North American players:

    If you do end up trying it out, feel free to add me! My in-game name (called a Summoner name) is Big Sis Natien.

    For anyone who already plays, I'd love to discuss champions, game play, item builds, etc. with you!

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