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    Welcome to Vainglory FAQ! Everyone is allowed to contribute.
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    Hero: Catherine (Protector)
    Supportive Defender: Utility [5] + CP [1]

    In early games, this build won't strongly affect Catherine's strength which makes her openly vulnerable, but in late games, she'll be very useful and tanky, while also capable of chasing enemies. If your teammates are superb attackers, this build will be very effective.


    1. Frostburn = Crystal DMG + Crystal Slow
    2. War Thread = Team Speed Boost + High Max HP
    3. Contraption = Max HP + CD + Energy Recharge
    4. Fountain of Renewal = MAX HP + Heal + Shield DEF
    5. Atlas Pauldron = Slow Down Enemy + Armor DEF
    6. Stormcrown = Extra DMG to Non-Heroes + CD
    7. Infusion Boost = Crystal Infusion


    1. Frostburn improves Catherine's performance in doing ability damage and slowing down the enemy speed, which is important to score a kill.

    2. War Thread is a supportive utility that allows Catherine and her teammates have increased movement speed during activation, while increasing her maximum hit points by 500 passively.

    3. Contraption helps Catherine maintain her energy and reduce her skill cooldown, beside enabling her to set a scout trap or flare.

    4. Fountain of Renewal helps Catherine and her teammates regenerate during intense period, while strengthening her shield defense and increasing her maximum hit points.

    5. Atlas Pauldron helps Catherine survive longer in close-range battles by slowing her enemies attack speed, which is very lethal if impaired with her ultimate. Besides, this utility also strengthens her armor defense.

    6. Stormcrown assists Catherine by giving extra true damage while damaging. On the other side, this offensive utility also reduces her skill cooldown.

    7. Since she's been helped by Stormcrown, she no longer needs to have an additional weapon damage, and to maximize her output, buying Crystal Infusion will boost her crystal damage while doing abilities.
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    Hero: Kestrel (Sniper)
    Balanced Sniper: CP [3] + Utility [2] + WP [1]

    In early games, this build probably won't be able to secure kills and strongly damages enemy heroes, but in late games, she'll be very lethal. With unlimited Active Camo and high piercing damage, she'll be able to kill enemies quickly without having fear of dying.


    1. Sorrowblade: Epic Weapon DMG
    2. Shatterglass: Epic Crystal DMG
    3. Clockwork: Crystal Boost + CD + Energy Recharge
    4. Broken Myth: Crystal DMG + Crystal MP + Piercer
    5. Journey Boots: Max HP + Speed Boost (Chaser)
    6. Infusion Boost: Weapon Infusion


    7. Aegis: Reflex Block + High Shield DEF + Armor DEF
    7. Metal Jacket: Epic Armor DEF + Shield DEF


    1. Sorrowblade dramatically increases Kestrel's weapon damage in regards to boost her speed during Active Camo skill. Besides, it also increases her other skills damage slightly.

    2. Shatterglass dramatically increases Kestrel's crystal damage in regards to boost her skills damage, while also lengthen the duration of Active Camo.

    3. Clockwork reduces the cooldown of Kestrel's active skills and gives her faster energy recharge. Additionally, it also boosts her crystal power by 30%.

    4. Broken Myth slightly increases Kestrel's crystal power and enables piercing damage, while also multiplying it when inflicting consecutive crystal damage by 7%.

    5. Beside giving Kestrel's extra hit points for survival, this gear helps her chase fleeing enemies with quicker cooldown.

    6. To maximize the effectiveness of Active Camo when being hit, this gear is used to slightly boost her weapon power, so that this skill can be instantly used.

    7. Atlas Pauldron or Aegis gives her additional defense which allows her to survive longer in fights. Aegis' reflex block enables her to escape from dangerous situations.
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    Vainglory Roles Description:

    1. SNIPER: Does well with either weapon or crystal build, but it depends on which position you want to take. Laners often build weapon, while junglers often build crystal. However, some heroes such as Ringo, preferred not to be played as jungler. Additionally, these heroes are very squishy, but lethal; in fact, these heroes ultimates are super strong.

    2. ASSASSIN: Does well with crystal build, but building some weapon gears is also advised. Roles well as jungler. These heroes rely on their abilities, and they're very dangerous towards squishy heroes. These heroes are somehow squishy too, yet swift.

    3. WARRIOR: Does well with weapon build, but building some crystal gears is also advised. Roles well as jungler. These heroes will rely on their basic attacks because they're pretty much stronger. Besides, these heroes are tough and hard to kill, yet devastating at close range.

    4. MAGE: Does well with only crystal build. These heroes are usually roamer and rarely will stay on the same position. They rely on their abilities since they're mages. However, their defense are tougher than Snipers, meaning they're capable at handling close range too.

    5. PROTECTOR: Does well with utility build. These heroes are mostly roamer and will only stick with other heroes to safely collect gold and protect them from dying. They'll have high defense, utility items such as flares and scout traps, and also useful abilities to save teammates or chase fleeing enemies.

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