Let's talk about FNAF

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Thread Topic: Let's talk about FNAF

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    Berryheart Novice
    I think, from a youtube video, it's all a dream. Maybe?
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    IHLAOY Experienced
    Never played any of the games, but just came in to say:

    'It's all a dream' is one of the most overused, trite and cliche theories on the internet. It's been applied to literally every videogame, book, movie or anime from now until the end of time. It's highly unlikely that everything is a dream, not only because that's terrible writing, but because it's a s--- twist.

    It's all a dream is basically just a way for people to try and sound smarter than they are be deconstructing something into a story that it's not.
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    Lol, SOMEONE watches game theory

    anyways, its a piece of s--- that runs on the budget of a ham sandwhich. end of story.
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    O1Awesomeness Novice
    At first I thought it was only the fourth one that was a dream, but it turns out that every single game is a dream from the victim.

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