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Thread Topic: favorite tv show

  • roby Newbie
    I love scrubs and south park. i also really like that one season show on cbs, harpers island. what are your favorite shows?
  • Bubblegum7 Newbie
    I love scrubs 2! Its so funny. I really like family guy 2, hilarious!;)
  • Bambi Novice
    Yeah Scrubs is AWESOME! I'm gonna cry my eyes out when I see the last episode because they've already made it. It's just a matter of time... =(
  • elcvolleyball Novice
    I like bubbles
  • Bubblegum7 Newbie
    Tehe, thats so random!:)! Bt u no wat? I do 2!
  • Carri04 Novice
    Ohh I love Scrubs too!
  • scarves Newbie
    I love love love Greys Anatomy I like watching the surgeries its cool
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    Thats funny eclvolleyball! I usually say something random too!

    friend: Oh my gosh! I have a crush on Zac!

    me: I LIKE PIE!

    friend: What is your problem?

  • mickeyjoe333 Newbie
    i like ncis dinozo is hottttttttt
  • rachcab21 Newbie
    Whose that? I never heard of him... or her?
  • Bambi Novice
    Oh from NCIS? I like NCIS but I don't crush on any of them.

  • i loke scrubs!!! and pie! and pepperoni!!! PEPPERONI PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • teamjacob829 Novice
    ive never seen scrubs!!!
  • omg! you should!!! its like the funniest show in the world!!!!!!
  • Bambi Novice
    Scrubs is awesome but the last ever episode has already been made! :( *Cries*

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