Does anyone have any dancing/cheerleading tutorials?

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Thread Topic: Does anyone have any dancing/cheerleading tutorials?

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    Saratheamaze Senior
    Tumbling, cheerleading and dancing all really interest me but I'm unsure of where to start. Can someone help me out?
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    maham fatima Novice
    there are many youtube channels on this topic
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    Saratheamaze Senior
    I know but I can't find one that's really beginner level
  • ChubbyBunny Newbie
    Theres a bunch of different ways to start learning, but the first step is to figure out which style you want to learn.

    If youre starting by yourself, its probably easiest to try dance styles that dont require a partner.

    I come from a hip-hop and street styles background, so heres some styles that dont require a partner:

    1. Hip Hop or Urban Dance Choreography
    2. B-boying or breakdancing
    3. Popping
    4. Locking
    5. House dance
    6. Waacking or Punking
    7. Vogue
    8. Krumping

    After you decide on a style, watch some videos and experience the culture. Look up tutorials or just try to copy some movements from different videos.

    If youre brave enough, look up a dance class nearby and go take some classes in person. Ask for advice.

    The main thing is to just get started and see where it takes you. You can always switch styles or learn other styles, and theyll all help you dancing in one way or another.

    All I can say. Thanks!
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    Saratheamaze Senior
    Thank you!!
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    Saratheamaze Senior
    So y'all I want to do Bollywood or bellydancing and I need some good online courses or tutorials and stuff like that.

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