Accepting overweight people

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Thread Topic: Accepting overweight people

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    xxpoundsxx Novice
    @The Geek was it seriously necessary to mention overweight people as "Fatasses"? smh.
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    The Geek Hot Shot
    My money is on OP being to fat to fit through the bathroom door.
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    Slim_t Advanced
    No pounds..I didnt mean you were being an a--hole, I mean like I or anyone doesn't have to be an a--hole or a bully to bring up weight. Like it can come up regularly xD
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    Topaz Experienced
    To be honest, I'm not sure if society should try to accept overweight people or not. To be honest, I think that being too overweight is unhealthy. While I don't think it's okay by any means to be rude to overweight people, I don't think that it should be embraced either. I myself am overweight, but I by no means think of this as a good thing... If anything, I should probably be doing some sit-ups instead of messing around on the computer right now.

    Oh well. That's just my opinion.
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    dragon Advanced
    I'm not sure.. If the society accepts fat people( not over weighted ones), it means they gave up with trying to decrease their weights which is bad.Every fat person must try losing weight for his own health. And accepting them makes them ignore this problem which might cause serious damages.
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    pickles123 Novice
    Well lets hope the world doesn't have more burger kings than people one day

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