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    C1 is a rebel, a complete daredevil whose always willing to take risks and be a complete badass.

    C2 is the opposite, a very light person with a cute personality, and never breaks rules.

    One day these two fall in love (which is where the roleplay starts, one of the muses confessing to the other) but there’s one problem...

    C2’s parents don’t approve of C1.

    Clothing style:

    Feel free to add anything you want to your CS.
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    Name: Rosanne Rockwell
    Role: C2
    Clothing style: here
    Appearance: here
    Other: she loves to bake
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    Aw, thanks you :D

    Name: Aiden Allen
    Role: C1
    Clothing style: A dark red hoodie and black ripped jeans
    Appearance: Long shaggy dark brown hair with hazel eyes
    Other: :D

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