we have not touched the stars

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    "Then sadism runs in your family! Who does that to a kid?" she laughed. God, she sounded like a high school bully. She wasn't even sure why she was doing this. Wasn't she just freaked out about the first words? Hadn't she heard them a million times before?

    She found a cup carrier full of coffees sitting on the little counter top in an attempt to see anything but Remy- gas station foam cups, but caffeine, no less, and she looked around.

    "Who brought coffee?" she called, again forcefully redirecting her attention from her new bodyguard.

    "Yours has a black x on the side!" someone outside called back.

    "Thank you!" she responded, and began plucking through the cups. When she found hers, messily marked with a dying Sharpie, she made the mistake of trying to drink it immediately. The hot liquid scalded her tongue on its way down, but she refused to spit it out and make a mess.

    "f---!" she screeched, slamming the cup down on the counter.
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    Remy dropped the subject and finally sat down where Kell had invited him to. Kell extended the fruit cup, offering a piece to him. Remy shook his head and Kell shrugged.

    "What did you say your job was, again?" Remy asked, trying not to sound rude. It seemed Kell didn't notice that he hadn't already mentioned his position on the team.

    "Drummer, usually. Crowd control sometimes if it comes to it," he joked. "The rest of the team is meeting us at the next venue, though. Something about issues with equipment, Lily's something or other broke. I don't remember. You'll like her though, she's nice."

    He picked around in the fruit cup, giving a slice of honeydew a try. His face scrunched up before settling into a traditional "not terrible" expression. Remy tried not to look at Sadie as she left the conversation.
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    The situation was becoming embarrassing, fast, and Sadie felt her face getting red with each passing second. Would it be better if she just dismissed herself and found some place quiet to sit and wait?

    Another glance at the cup sitting on the counter where she'd put it, lipstick stains on the lip of the lid and coffee dripping down the sides from the force of her slamming it down told her that yes, it probably would. She'd have more than enough time to make a fool of herself later on, since this guy was going to be stuck to her for the rest of the trip anyway.

    Noticing that Remy and Kellin were making nice with one another, she took the opportunity to remove herself from the situation, taking the now sticky coffee cup silently and finding a seat near the front of the bus to settle in and play with her phone.

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