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Thread Topic: RP/Soap

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    Valkyrie Blossom
    Age: 24
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Profession: Thief
    [no urls]
    Likes: ANYTHING chocolate, bunnies, pandas, stealing, rain, snow, cold weather, cats.
    Dislikes: killing, the king, guards, hot weather, dogs.
    Personality: Depends on the situation. Usually an upbeat kind of girl, can be laid back, chill like, and carefree usually.
    Extra: She's quick/agile/silent on her feet. Not necessarily that strong though. She has dabbled in magic, but nothing that extreme.
    She makes a living by stealing what she wants/needs, and sometimes selling it to merchants oe anyone willing to buy what she has.
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    [No plot. Just (ask first), make a character, and go from there maybe]
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    Hoi can i join with two characters?
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Name: Nixir
    Age: 23
    Sexuality: demisexual/lesbian
    Profession: doesnt have one
    Likes: running, exploring, stars, confusing people, and being a problem
    Dislikes: getting yelled at, rude people, fighting, being in one spot for too long
    Personality: Nixie is childish, not really taking anything seriously
    Extra: she can shape shift to a limited degree(cant compleatly change her appearence but can do things like become a naga) and open small portals to a void where she stores stuff.

    Name: Guardian
    Age: 36
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Profession: mercenary/guard
    Likes: stars, being around people, strawberrys, making things explode
    Dislikes: quietness, being followed, people drawing attention to his disabilty
    Personality: Guardian is gentle, and kind hearted. He enjoys 'talking' to people and will happily keep you company(*insert lenny face*). He enjoys flirting with people when he can
    Extra: hes almost completely mute(can speak once in a while but its extremely painful), but his companion(the little thing in his picture), Blueberry, has a telepathic link with him and speaks for Guardian. Guardian also knows ASL
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    *Nixie not Nixer
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    Ahh, coolio! Did you make them/draw them yourself?

    Youre good with just starting randomly, yeah? I'm too lazy to think of a plot lol
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Yee to both lol
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    Looks nice

    Give me a moment to think, I just woke up from a nap lol
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot

    XD was it a nice nap?
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    vader007 Advanced

    Forgot that account couldnt post links lmao but it was just the same as the PFP.

    Welcome (:

    Mostly, yeah. But im trying not to sleep too much lol))

    Valkyrie strolled through the streets, the sun shining brightly down upon everyone. She had a grin across her face as she took a bite out of the Apple she had just stole from one of the food stalls she had passed by not that long ago. fresh she thought, smiling happily inside. She did her best to avoid bumping into any of the people she happened to pass by, doing her best to squeeze through and by some people.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Nixie hummed happily as she ran along a roof top, her long tail waving along behind her like a ribbon. She looked around and grinned, sliding to a stop at the edge of the roof before sticking her hand through a portal and digging around for something. She eventually pulled out a sketch pad and a charcoal pencil, plopping down with her legs dangling off the building as she started to draw

    Guardian quietly made his way through the crowded streets, looking around to see if he could spot the person he was supposed to be looking for. Blueberry was hovering a few inches over his right shoulder, also keeping an eye out for their target
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
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    CaptainMop Junior
    Didnt see this)

    Valkyrie let out a sigh as she finished the Apple. She had just started on it, and now it was gone forever. She tossed it against a wall as she passed by, and kept on walking. That is until she heard something.
    "You there, stop!" She heard someone tell. As she turned to see what it was, she noticed it was the owner of the stall she had stole the apple from. "Pay up!" The man yelled again, squinting his eyes at her.
    "s---." She silently said to herself. Her eyes scanned left and right befofe she took off running ahead.

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