The Universe of Todd and I's roleplay

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Thread Topic: The Universe of Todd and I's roleplay

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    Paige_ Senior
    [Do you think it would be cool if all of our rps somehow connect to one another, even in the tiniest ways? Also, should we make our posts longer to make the stories faster pace? Or should we keep them all at a slower pace? Or maybe some are faster pace and some are slower paced?]

    Monster and Me: Kaylee looked around anxiously, she feels that the monsters might be smarter than she thinks, maybe they are stalking her and Shadow?

    Apocalypse: Kaylee tries to get a view on whether it is safe to come out or not, but she can't get a clear enough view. Kaylee tries to hear the zombies footsteps and if they groan or not.

    Asylum: Cecilia looked up at Shadow, waiting for him to make a next move.

    Human and Me: Kaylee just looked in awe. "What...happened?" She asks
  • Monster and me: shadow looked around "let's quicken our pace"

    Apocalypse : Nikolai tried to see from his vantage point

    Asylum : "let's make our way to the exit"

    Human and me: shadow appeared in front of Kaylee "a big bad dragon isn't gonna take me down"
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    Paige_ Senior
    [Do you think Asylum and Apocalypse replies should be like 2-3 sentences long because they have one event directly after another?]
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