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    You want to do characters now?
  • Sure!
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    Name: Majida Smith
    Nickname/ Goes by: Jay
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Psychical Description:
    Height: 5’10
    Build: She has a semi-slim build and is somewhat curvy
    Hair: She has waist length, very curly and messy dark brown hair
    Eyes: She has blue/green eyes that kind
    Completion: Mixed
    Wardrobe: She’d usually very well put together and wears a lot of tight clothes but sometimes she’ll wear just really comfy clothes
    Other: I feel like she’d look somewhat like this just with longer hair…

    Mental Description:
    General Overview: Jay is kind of carefree. She has a way of thinking that if you only live once why waste it doing unimportant things. She can come off as somewhat flirty but that’s not her intention it’s just the way she is. She can be very kind and open but once she’s wronged there is no redemption and you’re on her bad side. She is very protective of the people she’s close to her and will often put them before herself. She’s also well known for never being nervous and never hesitating to do anything.
    Personal Life:
    Family: She lives with her mother, Alice. Her mum finds the fact that she’s considered a ‘bad kid’ absolutely hilarious and will often mock her. The two of them tend to bicker like children but they never really get into serious arguments.
    Friends: I’ll build them up later if you don’t mind.. My minds just done tonight…

    So this is like the general base I use, you can do whatever you’d like though
  • OK, I'm just gonna compact it a little, you can tell me if you need more details.

    Name: Jane Blackwell

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Jane is tall, with long brown hair, icy blue eyes and braces which give her a niticeable lisp. She has pale skin, and is very slender. She usually wears very nice clothes, usually skirts and blouses, to impress the teachers. She is fairly plain, with thin lips and slightly big ears.

    Personality: Jane is very kind, despite what people think of her, and cares a great deal for other people. She is very reserved, and tends to stay in the Library. She only has a few friends, and is slightly socially awkward. She is afraid of what people think of her and is a perfectionist. She tends to ramble and she talks very softly.

    History: Jane was born to Kelly Londen and Robert Blackwell. Robert is a Biologist, always studying animals, nature and the environment. Kelly is a successful lawyer. Jane is usually alone, her parents are always studying or working. They are constantly checking her grades and asking about education. Jane was raised thinking her parents only cared about her educational success, and she couldn't actually talk about her feelings to them. They obviously didn't care about her. But Jane longs for their love and approval, so she's constantly trying to do better, be better.
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    Looks good :)
    If you'd like to start you can pick wherever just let me know otherwise I can start tomorrow sometime.
  • I'd rather you start, if that's ok. Just so I can get a good grip of the plot and setting. Sorry, I really can if you like.
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    No, it's fine. I don't mind starting. I just have to work early so I can't always stay up as late as I'd like. I'll get something typed out today and post it..
  • That'd be great!
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    Jay watched at the slightly discolored soup dripped down the girl's hair, face and chest. Should she have done that? Probably not. Could she have resisted the urge? No, probably not. Did she care that she was going to get in trouble? No, not a bit. She was somehow resisting the urge to laugh at the other girl who was growing red with either embarrassment or anger. She snickered, "Oh look at that Khloe! It's getting in your Valentino, I don't think thats comin' out." Jay crossed her now empty arms over the bare part of her stomach.

    It was a rare occasion that Jay came to school so she wasn't really sure what the dress code was but she might have been breaking a few rules. She wore white high waisted skinny jeans with a navy blue strapless crop top with a navy blue, white and grey flannel. Jay waved at the two that Khloe was bugging, she didn't really remember what she'd been saying but she knew it wasn't nice
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    (I had more I was gonna write but I got distracted by my movie and forgot...)
  • Jane watched as the girl poored soup all over Khloe. Khloe's face colored red and she glared at the other girl. Jane wished she had the courage to stand up for Khloe, but all she could do was watch through the library window. After all, her Mother would be so angry if she got in trouble.

    Jane stared as Khloe ran off to go tell the principal, she imagined. Jane knew the bully. She was in her English class and almost never came. She definitely wasn't looking forward to sixth period, Jane was assigned to sit right next to the girl. With a heavy heart, she walked into the cafeteria, not at all thrilled for another day of sitting alone.

    (So, I didn't really know what to write, I hope that's ok.)
  • (Did I do that right, or was I the girl?)
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    (Twas my intention but it doesn't really matter. I'll type up a response in a bit, I just got home from work and ate )
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    Majida shrugged as Khloe stomped off, guess she wasn't coming back to school for a little while. Not like she was likely to anyways. She walked back towards the cafeteria because she needed more food now. She when got back the line was huge, she turned around and grabbed some junk food from a vending machine instead. She went back to the cafeteria and sat down at one of the metal picnic tables. She didn't notice if anybody was at the table, nor did she care, she sat with a leg on either side of the bench and laid on her back. She sat her drink on the table and the food she grabbed on her chest.

    Jay hated Khloe and would really enjoy bashing her face in but she wasn't allowed to do that. Her friend Ryan had dated her the previous year, despite the fact that Ryan hung out with Jay and her group he was shy, anxious, and very, very quiet. As his friends, they tended to pull him from all of his timid habits and make his anxiety disappear. Khloe treated him horribly and ultimately ended up cheating on him with the majority of their grade. Ryan way too nice sometimes and he wouldn't let them throw some punches at her but once in a while Jay couldn't pass up the chance to mess with her.
  • (Sorry!)

    Jane walked into the cafeteria reluctantly, knowing she had to eat sometime. She searched for an empty table, but they were all full, except one where a girl was sprawled across the bench.

    Jane looked a little closer at the girl and her stomach dropped. She was the one from earlier. Perhaps she should just go back to the library, that was obviously where she belonged. But she hadn't eaten breakfast that day and she had nowhere else to sit. The rest of the tables were packed with people she didn't know.

    Trying not to attract notice, Jane sat down on the other side of the table, hoping Jay didn't talk to her.

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