Pokemon: A Walk on the Dark Side

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Thread Topic: Pokemon: A Walk on the Dark Side

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    Hello, new recruits, welcome to Team Conquer. Whether you heard of our exploits, seen us in action or just stumbled on this place by accident, we would like to thank you for joining our team. Getting straight to business, our team has a simple goal in mind, conquer the world to make it a better place. We intend to do this by means that cannot be revealed at this moment. You five have been chosen to go on special missions for the team because you have proven to be the best of the best in the recruitment process and training. Missions shall be revealed to you when they are needed to be fulfilled. If you can fulfill your missions and realize our teams goal, you shall be greatly rewarded. However, this will not be easy. Many other trainers will stand in your way and you may fail a couple times, but still we all have faith in all of you. Be warned however, any double-crossing and defecting will result in our permanent termination, should our goal be realized. That is all I have to say. You will receive your first mission in due time. Madame Canduella, signing off.

    If it isn't already clear, we are not roleplaying in typical Pokemon fashion. We will be actually playing members of a villainous team, carrying out missions all across the regions.


    No legendary Pokemon of any kind will be used in our teams, nor any pseudo-legendries like Dragonite

    Any Pokemon found in the wild can be caught aside from the ones I said weren't allowed

    We are all newly trained recruits, and while some of us may have read some field manuals, our characters do not that much about the team we are joining, so no all knowing characters

    Character Sheet:

    Age: (13-15)
    Civilian Disguise:
    Starting Pokemon: (Poison, Dark or Ghost types only. If you want a different type, talk to me.)
    Region of Origin: (Galar is allowed if so desired)
    Reason for Joining: (Do not say forced to. All our characters are willing recruits)
    Other: (Optional)

    Anyone interested?
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    Something I forgot to add:

    Uniforms: Black jacket of any style with team insignia on the upper right chest, white, gray or black undershirt, black pants or skirt, gray boots, leggings optional.
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Question do we have to start off with basics?
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    Do you mean as in we're still in training or something else?
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    Paige_ Senior
    Can I join?
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Like regular trainers have to start with a basic Pokémon, do we have to start with a basic Pokémon? Or can we make a team of Pokémon we already trained with and have them approved by you?
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Also do the Pokémon have levels in this?
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    We do have to start with basic Pokémon and yes they do have levels.
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    Paige_ Senior
    Name: Raven Insegra
    Age: (13-15): 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Straight long black hair and purple eyes. Tall and skinny.
    Uniform: Black bolero with team insignia on the upper right, white shirt grey undershirt and a black skirt
    Civilian Disguise: Kinda like the ace trainer npc
    Personality: Shes very hateful and knows how to hold a grudge. However, she is very loyal to the people she trusts.
    Starting Pokemon: Zorua
    Region of Origin: Unova
    Reason for Joining: She doesn't feel that she has a place, and feels this team will give her one.
    Other: Her Zorua is named Ban
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    Name: Daisuke
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Short, blonde hair, average build, blue eyes, white skin
    Uniform: Black hoodie, white undershirt, black pants, boots
    Civilian Disguise: Black t-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers, glasses
    Personality: Smart, tactical, analytic, determined, stubborn, over-confident at times
    Starting Pokemon: Skorupi named Drake
    Region of Origin: Sinnoh
    Reason for Joining: He believes that Team Conquer is doing the right thing
    Other: Despite being from Sinnoh, he was born in Kanto
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Name: Olivia Dusk
    Age: 14
    Gender: female
    Uniform: in pick but with leather jacket and team symbol
    Civilian Disguise:
    Personality: outgoing, confident, stubborn, bold, strong willed, determined, persistent, brave, curious, kind to Pokémon, short tempered to humans, clever, and headstrong.
    Starting Pokemon: Misdreavus
    Region of Origin: Jhoto
    Reason for Joining: She was the daughter of a Gym leader, one who was very corrupt and cruel to their Pokémon. She grew up believing all gym leaders were corrupt, and so she saved a misdreavus from her mother before running away to join the team.
    Other: Her Misdreavus is Nick named Majesty
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    If no one joins by tomorrow, I'm making another character and anyone who wants to is also welcome to do that.

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