Creatures of hell

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Thread Topic: Creatures of hell

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  • Deep in the mountains there is a patch of woods called the devil's woods where beast straight out of hell lurk no one dares to step foot in these woods

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    Name- Nexus
    Age- unknown
    Gender- doesnt really have a gender but sounds male
    Sexuality- nope
    Weapons- take a good long look at him and guess what his weapons are.
    Abilities- he is great at reading people and usually can guess what someone is thinking by looking at them
    Power- he can shoot freaking lasers from his jaws. He can summon up to three smaller versions of himself, although they only have one set of arms and arnt as spiky
    Storys- he was originally a part of a pack of hounds created by an elder demon to hunt down those the demon had made deals with. The pack was supposed to be nothing more then a group of mindless animals. How ever, Nexus absorbed the consciousness of his pack mates, gaining the ability to call them to him and think for himself. After killing and absorbing his creator he fled hell and became a resident of the devils woods
    Other- the rest of his pack still is in hell, but they appear to be empty vessels rather then living beings like Nexus. This is due to him absorbing their minds, making one hive mind consciousness. If the current body is killed, Nexus will transfer to another hound until and keep on living, untill the last hound is killed
  • Name claws
    Age unknown
    Gender male
    Sexuality unknown
    Apperance pitch black skin red glowing eyes a layer of moss grows on his. Back giving him perfect camo
    Weapons eight inch long claws
    Abilities able to breath were there is little oxygen can climb like a monkey
    Power able to see in the dark raise his body temp
    Storys there was one man crazy another to build a house in the devil's woods claws slowly drove the man to the point where he took his own life claws feasted on the flesh
    Other n \a
  • *Apperance man size body
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    Name: Shadow
    Age: Immortal (24)
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: A Hellspawn formed from shadows which gave him a shadowy figure with demonic red eyes. Standing at a height of 9 feet, he has the build of a muscular man. He can change his form at will.
    Weponds: He forms them out of shadows
    Abilities: Can transverse through shadows, possessin Herculean Strength, Achillean Speed, and Athena's intelligence.
    Powers: Flight, Shadow Manipulation, Silver Tough, Beserker Rage, Dark Magic, Alchemy, Portals to Hell, Demon Sommoning, Possession, Leeching, Fire an earth manipulation, Feasting of evil and sins.

    Stories: The Story of Shadow is filled with Mistery. He was a mercenery who died and became a hellspwan. He got bored and hunts down demons in any place he can think of, including the forrest.
    Other: Weak to Light Magic, Nercomantic Powers, and cannot be harmed by mortal weponds
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