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Thread Topic: Soap!

  • Need help. I like horror, and romance,and fantasy.
  • UAAllstars43 Newbie
    I'll soap
  • Okay.
  • UAAllstars43 Newbie
    Got any ideas?
  • No not really. Do you?
  • UAAllstars43 Newbie
    Haha well I like romance and immortals as in werewolves and vampires.
  • Me too. I forgot to add that.
  • UAAllstars43 Newbie
    I may have an idea. Have you soaped before?
  • Yeah.
  • UAAllstars43 Newbie
    A new girl moves into a new town and school. She's different though in some odd way. She meets a guy who saves her from getting pinned in a corner by four football players as she rejects them. He's different to, he's a werewolf and she hunts werewolves but neither know each other. Will it work out and will they find out.
  • Yeah that works.
  • UAAllstars43 Newbie
    Charries? Do you want to be the boy or girl?
  • It don't matter. Are you a girl or boy?
  • UAAllstars43 Newbie
    We'll im a girl lol
  • Oh okay. Ummm I can be the boy.

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