Subtle Influences

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Thread Topic: Subtle Influences

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    bananabread Junior
    My idea is that, every decision a person makes is influenced on these people that you don't really see yet they are always there, and they whisper what they want you to do in your ear. How they keep unnoticed is by staying in the shadows, that's why they are going to be called Shades.

    This girl (whom I shall play and doesn't yet have a name) sees a Shade and the whole truth spills out. The whole time there is a good and a bad Shade, the one she meets first is the good one but the bad one continues to follow and influences this girl to make some poor choices. I expect at least one boy (more are fine), please.
  • IHLAOY Newbie
    Sure, why not?

    Name: Norman 'Bomber' Smith.
    Age: 9
    Appearance: Bomber can usually be recognized by his signature smile, a unique little thing that always seems to show just a little too many teeth and not enough warmth for a regular smile. If that fails, his bright orange mohawk is identification enough.
    Personality: Careful, measured and precise. Bomber is a kid that understands that even the smallest actions can have great consequences if you wait until the right time. A harsh word there, a bit of distraction there, eventually it all builds up. And with Bombers help, crashes down.

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