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    We'll start from where we left off. Oh, and here's a recap:

    Zarra paced nervously around camp. The latest plans of the pack concern me. We have no reason to attack Ultra Violet, they've done nothing to us lately.

    Creek: I sat down, flexing my claws. I wish I had something to do. I walked around the camp in a wide circle. I fluffed up my tail, licked my chest fur, did this and that... I was still bored. Sighing, I laid down again, putting my chin on my paws.
    I twitched my ears.

    Seaelda: I appear at the mouth of Creek's cave. "So," I say to her, observing that she is clearly bored. "Want to go do something??"
    I calm down the ginger she-wolf, who had become alarmed in my presence. "I am here in secret to recruit new Ultra Violets and/or Sun Rays. The incoming storm is calculated to hit soon, and we'll need many PURE, GOOD hearts to stand up to it. Do you accept?" I wait for reply.

    Zarra eventually decided to go for a walk. She spied two wolves talking, and recognized Seaelda, Ultra Violet leader. I shift nervously and approach.

    Seaelda: I notice curious Zarra and flinch. "I... I must go," I whisper to Creek. Then I flee for my life. Will Zarra follow??

    (Sorry, don't have time to post the rest :/)
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    (OK, forget this thread. I made a mistake.)

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