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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    Okay, so in the far off land of Memoria, there's a pack of wolves with angel wings. They have a complex system of the number of wolves in their pack, which is explained below. An evil human wizard has sent "ink hounds" to Memoria, hoping to take it over. Ink hounds are pure black wolf-like creatures with dripping crimson bat wings and burning red eyes.

    The packs layout:

    One Leader or Alpha, who runs and governs the pack

    The Alpha's Mate or Duo, who is the Alpha's "spouse" or mate

    The second in command, or Second Paw

    The Healer, or Patcher, who heals the wounds of the wolves after battle.

    Less Wolf, who aren't cubs anymore but aren't old enough to be full wolves.

    The others are simply referred to as wolves, and the babies are cubs. The parents are responsible for training their cubs to become powerful wolves.

    The wolves have normal wolf colored fur, with different colored designs.

    Name: Aurora
    Rank: Alpha
    Gender: Female
    Fur: Dark brown
    Markings: Ocean blue swirls across her pelt, with a blue ring around each eye.
    Eyes: Strange but still pretty silver
    Wings: Ocean blue, with silver flecks in the feathers.

    Name: Ink
    Rank: Duo
    Gender: Male
    Fur: Jet black
    Markings: gold tiger stripes
    Eyes: Searing gold, like his stripes
    Wings: Black with hints of red and gold
    Other: He was named for his similarity in apprearance to Ink hounds.

    Name: Lance
    Rank: Less Wolf
    Gender: Male
    Fur: golden-brown and shaggy
    Markings: dark green rings that encircle his neck, legs, and tail.
    Eyes: electric green
    Wings: dark green with a neon green outline
    Parents: Aurora and Ink

    Please join! Patcher and Second Paw positions are still open!
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    I forgot to add a few things.

    1- The cubs don't need to look like their parents.
    2- When the Alpha dies, the Duo can decide if they want to become leader, or if they'll let Second paw take charge.
    3- If Second Paw takes the role of Alpha, they must choose one of the Full Wolves(full grown wolf) to become Second Paw. If the Duo takes charge, Second Paw remains the same unless the new Alpha chooses to replace him/her.
    4- This will be a series of quiz stories, so in the skeleton, please add whether or not you want your character in the story.

    Just a few more charries. :3

    Names: Topaz and Hammer
    Rank: Full Wolf, Leader of the Ink hound forces
    Gender: Female, Male
    Fur: White and fluffy, pure black
    Markings: A complex pattern of dots that fade from pale yellow to deep red, a blood red bone under each eye
    Eyes: shimmery turquoise-greenish-blue; red, but when he loses control they turn onyx black.
    Wings: Pure white, with the outer row of feathers sunset colored, dripping black and gray bat wings, they appear similar to dripping tar
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    wolf_heart Junior
    :D this is brilliant.
    Name: strike
    Rank: less-wolf
    Gender: female
    Fur: thick and greyish black
    Markings: dark purple zig zags with a zig zag going across each eye
    Eyes: dark green with grey flecks
    Wings: white with violet and light grey feathers here and there
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    Angel Fox Novice
    Did you get this from my Wolves of Stargaze thing? If you did, that is totally fine. Your idea is very original and I really love it. You are so inspirational!
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    @Wolfy: Yay!

    @Angel: Thank you! I actually had this idea before, but did feel inspired enough to make a thread by your idea. I hope it doesn't bother you! Your idea was just so brilliant!
  • Silvergirl Newbie
    Ooh, fun! I'll join! 2 charries, if that's okay.)

    Names: Mira and Drake
    Ranks: Less Wolf, Full Wolf
    Gender: Female, Male
    Fur: light pale gray, thick cream/gold color
    Markings: A dark blue star over one eye and dark blue speckles on her back; neon orange stripe down his back and an orange paw print under each eye
    Eyes: deep brown, light blue
    Wings: Light gray feathers with dark blue and dark gray flecks
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    Great! The wolves travel a lot, but they usually stay in caves or woods, avoiding open valleys.)

    Aurora: I wake up to the sound of shouting when Spiral, a full wolf that had been scouting, races into the cave. "Ink hounds!" He barks sharply. "In the snowy valley to the north!" I quickly stand, looking at my mate. "Take Topaz and a few others and fight them off." I say. He nods quickly, bounding into the fray of other wolves.
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    Name: Storm
    Rank: Less wolf
    Gender: male
    Fur: light gray/silver
    Markings: White lightning bolts under each eye, and a big one over his forehead.
    Eyes: icy blue
    Wings: Silver, turning lighter on each layer of feathers.
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    wolf_heart Junior
    Strike: I settle down with a chunk of deer, not noticing what's going on.
    new charrie :D
    name: Feather
    gender: female
    rank: patcher
    fur: reddish brown with small silver patches here and there
    markings: silver patches with wavy jagged lines connecting each patch.
    eyes: brown with silver speckles
    wings: large and grey with orange speckles
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    How many charries maybi make? :P)
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    OmegaWolf9 Junior
    (Should i make a map for memoria? I love designing :3)
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    That would be great! You can make more characters as it continues, but I would say about 4 or less at the beginning.)

    Ink: I run into the larger part of the cave. "Topaz, Strike, Storm! Come with me!" I exclaim, bounding towards the mouth of the cave.

    Topaz: I jump up and follow the large Duo. "I wonder what's happening?"
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    wolf_heart Junior
    Strike: I hurriedly get up and longingly glance at my chunk of deer. "What's going on?"
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    Angel Fox Novice
    Name: Alandra
    Gender: Female
    Coat: Lika a silver tabby cat's, dark gray stripes, white belly
    Eyes: Emerald green
    Personality: very envious of her brother, Amagar, who is very skilled and is in the ink hound force (could he be a second paw, too? It's totally fine if he can't be one.) but she is very reserved yet strong-willed. She will protect loved ones and sometimes acts like the boss although she is not :)
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    LuckyFirefly Novice
    Ink: "Ink hounds. Lets go." I say gruffly. Once out of the cave, I jump off the cliff over looking the valley and swoop down. Five of the vile creatures are pacing around, snarling. I see Topaz land beside me, giving the creatures a snarl of her own.

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