What I don't understand about Christians

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Thread Topic: What I don't understand about Christians

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    Garffiljorg Newbie
    I don't even know, or want to know, all the denominations and sub - denominations. There's all the different kinds of Baptist, and there's Methodist and Anglican and Lutheran and Episcopal and Mennonite and Assembly of God and a bunch of others. If the Bible is so great, wouldn't everyone who believes it have the same opinion about it?
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    IHLAOY Advanced
    Nature of Man and all that. Everyone interprets the book according to their own biases; coupled with the fact that you only really need accept Jesus to enter Heaven, it leads to a lot of division about the specifics.

    Really, as long as you don't say anything TOO heretical, I don't think God minds the specifics. Follow the Commandments, follow Jesus, be a better person.

    I mean, half of them are an off shoot of King Henry VIII's church anyway, who only founded it because the current church at the time refused to give him a divorce.

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