An insult thread

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Thread Topic: An insult thread

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    melinaa Novice
    what does that have to do with my mom and yes yo mum is STILL stupid. and that was actually a smart thing to do. dont f--- up my mood before my birthday you no good b----. i can do whatever i want and i double dog dare yo ass to come and do something about it. :]

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    Is this for real, guys? Or am I just seeing this piece of trash thread with my own stupid eyes? Really, are you guys pretending to be mean?
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    barberbob2 Advanced
    You dumb cunt, the point of this thread is to get viciously agressive towards others. To have the most poisonous remarks you can make, be made. And then to giggle about them because it's all a game.
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    I don't believe in insulting that way.
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    Tyreseonater Junior
    Im just going to avoid this.

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