I think too much

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Thread Topic: I think too much

  • wavyysnap Newbie
    I got a s--- life.
    I’m poor as f--- and live in a borderline ghetto
    I don’t even got friends no more cus everybody around here is a wierdo
    and I can’t even stay by myself for an hour without stressing myself out
    My mind just doesn’t stop, I can’t think about anything else but bad s---
    I just wanna be myself but this stress got my head f---ed up
    I’m stuck in an abusive house and CYS won’t do s---
    I know what I need
    I need something to constantly do to keep my mind occupied
    But there’s nothing around here in my area to do
    Nobody in my town ever wants to do anything
    Like please tell me what to do
    Because I’m on an edge right now I’m so close to doing something stupid
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    therealminime Senior
    Find a trusted adult to talk to. I know talking to someone can be scary, a lot of people with depression think that, myself included. But you can't hide things from people. Bottling things up f--- with you head even more. It's also important to realize that if you want help, you gotta be committed to getting help.
  • wavyysnap Newbie
    Like I said I live in the f---ing hood so there’s really no help out here

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