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Thread Topic: Strang Dreams

    Apparently a side-effect of anti-depressants is frequent vivid and (in my experience) rather strange dreams.

    I've dreamt about renting a horse to ride ride for two hours for $11.49 exactly, wasting those two hours flirting with a cute girl (who does not exist in real life, not for me anyways), tried to go back and re-rent the horse but then aliens invaded (or something) and they were after me but I was hiding with teachers (before this point it wasn't a school, just a weird horse renting place) and wasn't scared at all. I woke up before they got there.

    Another time I dreamt that my family and I were in the car, my dad was driving, and somehow he drove inside this random persons boat-house-thing? It was less of a boat and more of a house sitting on the water, with a bunch of wide archs as entryways. The house was set up like it was MEANT to be driven through, because my dad drove the HUGE ASS SUV through several rooms without breaking anything. He couldn't figure out how to get out, like we literally couldn't find the exit. I was really worried about the guy showing up and thinking we'd broken in and were with his stuff. We got out and were sitting down while Dad tried to figure his s--- out, and this dog started barking. I just knew the guy was gonna show up. And he did. (Again, he was someone I've never seen in real life.) Just like I'd feared, he assumed we were up to no good and called the cops. I woke up before they got there.

    Another time I was with a group of friends I hadn't spoken to in years, and they drove my best friend's car into a lake. Like literally a lake just.. At the end of this road. We all jumped out in time. Also in this dream at some point I made out with a guy I haven't spoken to in years? He's gay? I'M gay? It was like, passionate making out. It was really odd. (I also had a dream where one of my other old friends who I assume is a homosexual based on VARIOUS evidence (not the point) and I were "talking" and going on dates but weren't dating yet because he wanted to take it slow. At the end of it he kissed my cheek and told me he loved me..)

    Last night I had a dream about taking a bus to the next town over (neither my town nor ANY of the ones close by have buses). On the bus I sat by yet another girl I've never met and had a long conversation with her. And then somehow I brought this guy back to my house and... Murdered him? Decapitated and gutted the poor soul. And then I hid his body in the woods behind my house. A few days past (dream time) and I started to get paranoid that there had been cameras on the bus/I'd said something to the girl that'd give me away. I was in the backyard with my siblings and lo-and-behold, the guy I'd killed walks out of the woods. Alive. At this point I'm totally freaking out, there's no way I'm NOT going to prison. I don't know what the f--- to do, so I take him inside and awkwardly joke with him while I wait for my parents to show up because, surely, they have more failed-murder-cover-up experience than I. The guy, despite having walked out of the woods, is pretty much immobile and not too terribly pissed at me despite me having murdered him. I woke up before my dad got there.

    Those are just the ones I remember. Usually I forget my dreams a few minutes after waking up but the ones I've been having, like I said, have been so vivid. I'm starting to not want to sleep because I'm worried about having a nightmare. I've had a couple psychotic episodes lately, and they've really f---ed me up. I won't go into detail about them because they're extremely triggering and terrifying, but I'm worried about them causing extreme nightmares. I don't have much control over myself when I'm like that, and the thought is horrifying.

    I don't really have any questions or interesting comments, just wanted to see if anyone else on (or not on) anti-depressants has similar experiences? And IG maybe if you know a medication without that side effect? Both of the last two I've been on have caused them.

    Anyways, I'll probably keep this thread updated with my latest strange dreams. Because I'm sure there'll be more.

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