Do you consider depression and anxiety creditable mental

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Thread Topic: Do you consider depression and anxiety creditable mental

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    Why are you asking this question? What's the point of it really? Are YOU depressed?
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    ilovelions Experienced
    I agree with what Moyashi said.
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    JaneDoe Advanced
    I'm asking the question because I want to know people's opinions, and their reasons for such opinions. I'm interested in stuff like that.

    As for your second question- As before stated, I have clinical depression. It's something that I've struggled with for a while, and am just now starting to learn to cope with.
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    Oh. NOW I see...
    Yes, some people like that kind of stuff. I used to watch this one show in Spanish called "La sirugia me salvo"
    Which translated says "The surgery saved my life". It was about how surgery in specific places of the victim's body made them normal instead of being crookedly awkward. I like that kind of stuff, too.
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    gherkinsgodhorse Advanced
    I disagree. Personally, depression can be depression on its own or it can be a side effect of something - anything, be that a situation or other health disorder. In my case, my depression stems from my Borderline Personality Disorder, something I've been suffering from for quite a while and only recently started seeking treatment.

    Also depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Everyone's been through an emotionally scarring experience, but not everyone comes out "stronger" and not everyone can be fixed with a new day or flip of a page.
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    sphinkz haz mentul illnis
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    1714 Advanced

    If I say anything, it would be seen as a false thing for attention. This is why you shouldn't talk about your problems on the internet, it won't be taken for granted. I don't like talking about problems in real great depth because I just find my problems ridiculous and that every person in this thread probably went through the same things and are much more stronger and much more able to cope with s--- than I ever will.
    I like being vague whenever I'm dramatic, I don't like going too much into it because everything is apparently fake. My feelings are fake, my contemplation on life is fake, these weird feelings I get are all fake.

    But, let me stick to the topic.

    Yes, they are a credible mental illness. Why does this need to be argued?
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    1714 Advanced

    Just check up the DSM and it'll probably annihilate all of these opinions with facts.

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